Marina of Cala Gavetta

  • 41° 12’ 37,23” N
  • 9° 24’ 18,94” E
  • Berths 140
  • Maximum depth 12m
  • Lunghezza massima ormeggiabile 60m
  • Maximum speed in the harbour 3 knots
  • Mooring type With ropes on the ground, dead-weight
  • Bottom Mixed: rocky and sandy
  • Signalling lights 1054 (E 0961) - Headlight with red fixed light, range 3 mi., at the head of the W pier; 1055 (E 0962) - Headlight with red fixed light, range 3 mi., at the head of the inner breakwater; 1060 (E 0962.4)
  • VHF Channel 74
  • Reserved areas Docks and piers
  • Secondary winds Quadrant 1 and 2
  • Prevailing winds Quadrant 3 and 4
  • Dangers while entering and leaving the harbour Heavy traffic (commercial and private)

The marina of Cala Gavetta can be seen from a distance when arriving by sea.

It is animated by boats and sailors, islanders and tourists who enjoy the sparkling breeze of the sea and the scent of wild vegetation.

Here is some useful information on mooring at the marina of Cala Gavetta:

  • 140 berths are available (inside from 5 to 30 m, outside from 15 to 30 m), water depth by the docks is up to 12 meters. 20 buoys placed in front of the outer pier provide external mooring;
  • boats with a maximum length of 50m and a maximum draft of 7m are permitted to moor;
  • boats can access the harbour 24 hours a day, mooring assistance is available from 8 am to 8 pm;
  • the marina has a complete range of services for users;
  • boat speed must not exceed 3 knots within a radius of 50 m from the entrance of the harbour and within it;
  • all boats entering and leaving the harbour must contact the Maritime Authority via VHF channel 74 or by telephone.


Mooring assistance

8:00 – 20:00

Maximum speed

3 knots

In keeping with the need to maintain the coastal ecosystem unchanged and in order to preserve the excellent condition of its sea, the marina of Cala Gavetta is equipped with a system for collecting the waste produced by boats.

Thanks to these measures, Cala Gavetta received a certificate attesting to its commitment to the environment by the competent bodies.