17 June 2019

Budelli is a special island in the Maddalena archipelago: it is very small(only 1.6 square km), and is inhabited by a single person, the island’s keeper.

The island of Budelli is entirely made of granite and it is crossed by a ridge, the highest point of which is mount Budello (88 meters above sea level). The coasts are made up of rocks overlooking the sea, high and inaccessible, with marvellous tiny beaches.

Porto (or Manto) della Madonna

The three islands of Budelli, Santa Maria e Razzoli are very close to one another. They are separated by a stretch of seaof immaculate splendour.

The lagoon of Porto della Madonna is the embodiment of the adjective heavenly: the softturquoise hue of the water of this natural pool as a calming effect on the mind and induces the visitor to dream.

Porto della Madonna is accessible via sea and really deserves a stop. It will remain forever in your memories and in your stories.

The pink beach (La Spiaggia Rosa)

The Pink Beach is the symbol of the Maddalena archipelago National Park: its spectacular beauty is recognized around the world also thanks to a long sequence from Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1964 film , which was shot here.

Its name derives from the peculiarly pinkish colour of the sand, due to the sedimentation of skeletons and shells of an extremely large number of tiny sea animals.

The Pink Beach today is subject to a special protection, regime aimed at preserving the biodiversity that makes it unique in the world and at the same time extremely fragile.