La Maddalena is a uniquely charming place and we, the Maddalenini, are proud of our islands.

This is why we want to share the delicate and uncontaminated beauty of our archipelago.

Learn more about the Maddalena archipelago, experience our territory.

The Surroundings

Santo Stefano

Santo Stefano is located between the island of La Maddalena and Palau. It is a very small and highly picturesque little island. The waters around the island have a different colour compared to the sea that surrounds the rest of the archipelago, with an emerald green hue, full and intense.
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Spargi is the emblem of the most authentic nature of the Maddalena National Park. It is an almost completely uninhabited island, rich in vegetation, streams and animal species protected by the park authority.
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Santa Maria

The island of Santa Maria is a paradise for the few, an incomparable wonder of nature. The vegetation on the island is rich but not too thick. In the interior there is a beautiful brackish water pond, a small and precious jewel.
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Razzoli is a small Sardinian pearl. Characterized by high cliffs, the island is completely uninhabited. There are few beaches, but they stand out because of their wild natural beauty.
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The Maddalena archipelago was a prey to pirates and a heaven for hermits, who lived alone on the silent islands. Discover our wonderful history.

Discover our history